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Harassment under Irish Criminal Law-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Examine about the Crime of Harassment under Irish Criminal Law concerning existing Legislation. Answer: The Law Reform Commission in its report on Harmful Communications and Digital Safety examines change in the field of criminal law as for unsafe advanced correspondences. The report suggests transforming of badgering offense specified under segment 10 of the Non-Fatal Offenses against the Person Act 1997[1]. This current legitimate structure oversees the offenses adding up to badgering using any and all means. In any case, this arrangement doesn't make reference to a particular reference as for badgering by the on the web or computerized implies that is fundamental to guarantee that this type of provocation is remembered for the provocation offence[2]. The Commission likewise discusses presenting a specific following offense with regards to advanced and web based following, to be incorporated inside the badgering offense. This paper examines about the lack in the present legitimate structure that oversees provocation law in Ireland. It likewise involves the reasons that make it import ant to grow the provocation law by enveloping a particular offense of following and backhanded types of badgering into the structure of provocation law managed under segment 10 of the rule. As per segment 10 of the Non-Fatal Offenses against the Person Act 1997, any individual who, with no lawful authority bothers someone else by utilizing any methods including phone, or consistently watching, following, assailing or by speaking with such individual will be considered as liable. This segment has been gotten from a proposal made by the Commission in the 1994 Report on Non-lethal Offenses against the Person [LRC 45-1994, passage 9.77]. It was expressed that any demonstration of provocation that outcomes in genuine obstruction with a privilege of someone else to lead an individual and quiet life ought to be remembered for the criminal law rather than the realities that offers ascend to the dread of viciousness that are something else, secured by the offense of compulsion. It is a fundamental necessity of the legal arrangement specified under area 10 of the Act that the words watching, following, bothering, imparting, plaguing must be built up to be persistent in nature. It is significant for these lead to be persevering in nature as these behaviors under segment 10, are in any case considered legal acts and it just adds up to an offense, when such act is ceaselessly rehashed to such degree that it is meddling with the security and harmony or makes mischief or misery the other person[3]. As indicated by Gillespie (2006), the term diligently had been understood in a way that was autonomous of a particular number of episodes or whenever outline inside which such occurrences had happened. While a solitary delayed act may fulfill the necessity for tirelessness, separate episodes, which are not deferred, ought not add up to criminal obligation under segment 10 of the Act. In Director of Public Prosecutions (ODowd) v Lynch [2008][4], the blamed was sentenced under segment 10 for the resolution for constantly submitting sexual presentation before two youngsters, adding up to badgering offense. The Court held that the basic prerequisite of diligence under segment 10 is constant conduct that may incorporate either a few occurrences or a solitary episode, yet ceaseless occurrence that has a delay impact. The punishments specified under segment 10(6) of the resolution forces upon the guilty party detainment and additionally fine for a term not surpassing a year on synopsis conviction and conviction for a long time on allegation. Likewise, the court may give a request limiting the respondent from speaking with the pestered individual and keep up certain good ways from the living arrangement or work of such badgering individual. With respect to the inadequacies existing in the present lawful structure overseeing badgering laws, the need to extend the rule to incorporate aberrant disturbances structures and following as a different offense depends on the accompanying contentions. According to area 10 of the 1997 of the Act, it very well may be applied to a few types of unsafe web conduct, which incorporates provocation, by advanced or online methods as it involves that badgering might be completed using any and all means including phone. Ashworth (2013) states that according to the damage rule, genuine behaviors that adds up to provocation will be exposed to criminal law[5]. Provocation by methods for on the web or computerized correspondence is similarly genuine as disconnected badgering and it very well may be considerably progressively unsafe, given the particular highlights of advanced interchanges. Computerized interchanges can be various, moment and have the ability to contact the worldwide crowds or be forever accessible. Further, provocation by online methods cam likewise has an unavoidable quality, which empowers the casualty to turn into an objective because of the web associated gadgets, for example, Smartphone. The potential for badgering by on the web or advanced methods is to cause huge damage, which brings about considerable mental mischief and even self destruction. In the expressions of Ormerod (2015), area 10 of the Act as of now incorporates provocation by computerized or online methods as it is material to badgering using any and all means and has just been applied in certain online provocation cases. Be that as it may, badgering by on the web or computerized implies is regularly not detailed, henceforth, under-indicted which recommends that this area neglects to such forestall such conduct[6]. The youngster or a juvenile are the ones who dread the most to report about digital harassing occurrences because of the dread that their own web access or gadgets might be detracted from them or that they comprehend the innovation better than pre-advanced period grown-ups. There have been a few discussions over altering segment 10 of the rule to incorporate a particular reference to provocation offenses by on the web or computerized implies. This alteration would improve detailing of provocation by the on the web or advanced methods and may forestall or change such conduct. The incorporation of explicit reference to provocation by online methods in the segment 10 of the Act will give conviction and clearness to the individuals who have been deliberated with the duty to decipher the segment. It would additionally lay much accentuate on the earnestness of provocation that is caused through on the web or computerized and the lawful narrow mindedness to such direct. Moreover, such incorporation of online provocation ought to be went with appropriate direction that ought to be given to the law requirement to guarantee that such consideration doesn't prompt unbalanced criminalization of youthful people[7]. Since the arrangement under segment 10 of the Act is versatile to different situations, any endeavor to indicate the methods through which such provocation ought to be made by considering the hazard that may emerge when future innovative progression will not be included by the expressions of the legal arrangement. In any case, Reilly (2017) disagreed with the proposal that this area ought to be supplanted on the ground that the segment is as of now relevant to badgering offenses submitted any methods; consequently, such correction isn't necessary[8]. He affirmed that as opposed to supplanting such arrangements, it is smarter to advance government funded training and commitment to guarantee that general society has adequate information about the extent of area 10 of the resolution. Additionally, the issue identified with area 10 is the incapable authorization of the segment and not the wording of the legal arrangement. By the by, the Law Commission stated that it is important to incorporate badgering offenses by on the web or advanced methods is essential, as it would explain the extent of the offense like detail of the term phone remembered for segment 10 of the Act which would additionally upgrade the announcing of provocation episodes. This express distinguishing proof of offenses adding up to provocation by on the web or computerized implies in the enactment will imply a more extensive badgering offense structure that would feature societys acknowledgment of the need and earnestness of such type of badgering offense and forestall event of such offence[9]. Notwithstanding, it is likewise important to upgrade open mindfulness in regards to the limit of provocation offense that will be applied in online badgering cases and give the police authorities the direction to manage such offenses. Further, the notice of the term phone under segment 10 of the Act without referencing some other types of electronic correspondence doesn't make the arrangement complete. Hence, the incorporation of advanced badgering offense in the legal arrangement specified under segment 10 of the Act will explain the expressions of provocation offense. It would likewise effectively recognize the lead that is secured by the offense guaranteeing computerized or on the web, as a methods for provocation doesn't stay a shrouded type of badgering under segment 10 of the 1997 Act[10]. Along these lines, the Commission suggests that area 10 of the Non-Fatal Offenses against Person Act 1997 ought to be supplanted and revoked with a badgering offense that is explicitly relevant to provocation by all types of correspondence including on the web and computerized interchanges, for example, web or web based life. He further suggested that the altered arrangement must remember meaning of correspondence for the enactment that would involve any type of correspondence. With respect to backhanded types of disturbances, it is suggested that it ought to likewise be viewed as similarly genuine offense. Backhanded types of provocations incorporate nonstop destructive correspondences made through internet based life destinations, email or other on the web and computerized implies in regards to a specific individual to outsiders, yet such correspondence happens in a roundabout way. There is a hole in the Irish law as for aberrant provocation as the Act of 1997 explicitly with direct correspondences with the concerned people and it manages interchanges about somebody, consequently, it doesn't have a

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Rise of Christianity and Fall of Rome essays

Ascent of Christianity and Fall of Rome papers The decay of the Roman Empire started after Marcus Aurelius demise. The pioneers assumed responsibility for the domain yet they were powerless pioneers. Numerous competitors who needed to get the position. The military in the domain was solid however they didn't help out the ruler. In this way, the Romans recruited Barbarians for the Roman military help. Since Barbarians were employed for military reason, they exploited attacking the Roman Empire. A portion of the Germanic clans attempted to begin a war with the Roman Empires and to destabilize the administration. With every one of these hindrances, the Roman Empire gradually declined until the Roman Empire taken over by Diocletian. In the wake of administering the whole Roman Empire for a few years, Diocletian went to an answer that it was too difficult to even think about controlling the Roman Empire without anyone else. In this manner, he chose to part it into the East and West Empires and delegated his collaborator toward the Wes t Empire. The division didn't help, on the grounds that in the long run the East and West Empires battled against one another for the decision rights. The ascent of Christianity started a few years in the wake of executing Jesus Christ. After Jesus became alive once again, he sent aides to his kin. The Holy Spirit was sent by God to support us and to show what is good and bad. During that time, the Romans arrangement the roadways between the significant urban communities for exchange merchandise. Along these lines, it was simpler to spread the gospel between close by nations and the boat exchanges assisted with moving Christianity to the opposite side of the world. The significant ocean was the Mediterranean Sea, which associated Lower Egypt with Rome. The medical issues interceded with the fall of the Roman Empire. Water was brought however lead pipes where rodents and mice lived and imitated. In certain occurrences, rodents would kick the bucket in the funnels, along these lines water that experienced the city was debased with a wide range of sicknesses. These things carried medical issues to the Roman urban areas. The junk was accumulated in the city... <!

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The Worst Advice Weve Heard About Plagiarizing

The Worst Advice Weve Heard About Plagiarizing Plagiarism isnt a fun topic. Lets face itâ€"anyone who has spent time in academic pursuits has heard the stern lectures from professors warning of the dangers of plagiarism. The consequences of it can be equally unsettling: a failing grade, a feeling of disgrace, loss of credibility, and even expulsion are all very real possibilities.But dont worry, weve got your back, and will discuss the absolute worst advice weve heard about plagiarizing. Pay attention and youll avoid the embarrassment and destruction of credibility that plagiarism can bring.Bad Idea #1: You can use whole sentences or paragraphs from WikipediaSince Wikipedia content is created by a conglomeration of several writers and editors, there is a false assumption that entire sentences or passages can be lifted from it and used in otherwise original papers.The operative word here is false. Regardless of how many writers contributed to a passage or content, and regardless of the fact that the content is online and highly ed ited, its still plagiarism to claim the text as your own. In addition, Wikipedia content will be easily picked up by any online plagiarism detector since it is a highly visited website and therefore highly ranked in search engine algorithms.Its also important to keep in mind that Wikipedia is not considered to be a legitimate source in academic research and writing. Treating it as a source could result in a lowered grade and plagiarizing it could most certainly result in thatâ€"or worse.Bad Idea #2: You can piece together pieces of several different free online essays on the topicIf youve ever watched an online plagiarism detector perform its search, youd know that this is likewise bad advice. Specifically, these programs are designed to crawl millions of webpages to find content that is word-for-word of the text submitted to them. It doesnt matter if the content is pulled from a hundred different sources, plagiarism detection software can find all of themâ€"including short passages of approximately five words.There is also a false assumption that goes along with this one, stating that as long as the copied passages are less than a certain percentage of the original work, its fine to plagiarize. Whether you copy a passage of five words or 500â€"the act (and therefore, the consequence of that act) is the same.Whether you copy a passage of five words or 500â€"its still plagiarism. Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash.Bad Idea #3: You can plagiarize since there are no original ideas leftWhile its true that there is nothing new under the sun, this reality doesnt give you an excuse to claim anothers work as your own. When writers and literary scholars mention that there are no original ideas left (another way to state the adage I mentioned above), they are referring to story archetypes that have been used since the dawn of human existence. And sureâ€"most storylines or plots have been done before, in some version, either in movies or books. Characters change and se ttings change, but there are certainly repetitions of conflicts and archetypes in literature that cant be avoided.However, there will always be a way for you to approach the topic with fresh eyesâ€"and with YOUR eyes. Even if your thoughts are similar to others, you will still express them in a unique way because you are a unique individual. There is no one else in the entire world who looks, thinks, and processes ideas exactly like you do. This means that the work you produce, whether it is writing or research or both, should be entirely original in the way it is written and compiled. Since every writer is an individual, it is highly unlikely that he or she will choose word-for-word the exact phrasing of another writer who has broached the topic previously.Bad Idea #4: If the source is obscure enough, no one will know you plagiarizedTechnology is an amazing thing and plagiarism software is part of that emerging technology. While the plagiarism-checker programs have varying abilitie s and scopes of their search, your theft of anothers words could always be discovered with the right one. The question then becomes: Are you willing to run that risk?Even if a source is entirely offline (very few are nowadays) and completely obscure, a professor paying attention will potentially be able to detect plagiarism because the writing style and word choice will be so very different than your own. Many professors hand out in-class assignments and tests that require you to write in class. This means that they have a sample of your writing, which clues them in to your writing style and the extent of your vocabulary. Anything you turn in that is in glaring contrast will immediately be suspected of plagiarism by a professor who is looking for it.Bad Idea #5: You wont get penalized if you accidentally plagiarize somethingAs nice as this would be, it simply isnt true. Many universities have a strict no-plagiarism policy, and any instance of it could be dealt with harshly, includin g expulsion, even if it was accidental. In fact, freelance writers who publish online content often run their work through a plagiarism detector to make sure they havent accidentally plagiarized someone. As a professional writer, this type of accidental plagiarism could still have the same consequences of intentional plagiarism, including lawsuits, losing their job, and loss of credibility in their industry.The fact is: its an easy mistake to make, especially when you read a lot of content about a particular topic. Sometimes, thoughts go through our brains that we assume to be original but are actually thoughts weve read somewhere and simply forgot we had read it (in that exact combination of words).Professors understand this and have likely dealt with the situation in their own research and writing. However, any responsible researcher or writer will take steps to ensure that his or her work is original and that it cites all sources quoted, whether directly or indirectly. This invol ves checking for plagiarism, even of the accidental variety, which is easy to do with all of the free plagiarism-checker websites available. When you submit your work for class or for a writing assignment given to you by your company, you should take these same steps.Bad Idea #6: Everyone does it, so you should tooI think most mothers have a similar reply when their rebellious teenager uses this argument to justify doing something against house rules: If everyone jumps off a bridge, would you follow them?While its a somewhat comedic anecdote, there is truth in it. Just because its widely done doesnt mean its right. And just because other people get away with it doesnt mean you will avoid getting caught, as well. In much the same sense that a police officer or judge will not be inclined to ignore laws broken simply because other people break themâ€"neither will a professor be inclined to excuse plagiarism, simply because he or she has seen it attempted often over the span of their ca reer.Beyond these facts, its important to understand that plagiarism is theftâ€"theft of anothers words and ideas, while claiming them as your own. In the same sense you would not be a thief in other facets of your life, dont be a thief of anothers writing and research.Bad Idea #7: If it isnt copyrighted, you can plagiarize itCopyright law is not as complex as you might think. In fact, once something is published online or as an original hardcopy, it retains an original copyright, whether the author attaches the copyright symbol () to it or not.Obviously, not every author would pursue litigation for copyright infringement, but the possibility is still there. This is especially true if you publish content onlineâ€"whether academic or otherwiseâ€"without attributing it to its original author. Just as there is software to detect plagiarism, there is likewise software for authors and website managers to use that detects if anyone is using their original content online. With this softwar e, they are able to find the website that is using their original content, as well as the websites owner (through information you provided when you registered the website). This means that the threat of lawsuits is always there, particularly if you are publishing online.Even if youre not publishing it online, plagiarism detector software can locate the original content online and mark yours as being plagiarized. And this software is freely available for professors or employers to use.Plagiarism can ruin your reputation and result in expulsion.Bad Idea #8: If you just rewrite another persons paper, it isnt plagiarizingThis is one of the most commonly held myths about plagiarismâ€"thinking that rewriting or rearranging the words of an entire section or paper is somehow not plagiarism. While this method might help you avoid some online plagiarism detectors, depending on the source youre rewriting, it can still be highly visible to your professor that you have done this.The problem with this method of plagiarizing is that it is both underhanded and still not your original thought. There are some cases in which you will need to do this in order to avoid quoting so much, you still need a citation following the rewrite to direct the reader toward the original source.

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Various Options of Birth Control and Their Effectiveness...

Withdrawal is free. If done correctly the effectiveness is about 96%. Of every 100 women whose partners use withdrawal, 27 will become pregnant each year if they dont always do it correctly(withdrawal, 2014). When not used correctly the effectiveness decreases. Men that are unable to predict when ejaculation is about to occur increase their chances of getting their mates pregnant. With this method all you need to obtain it is a partner that is able and willing to do withdrawal method. Nurse teachings should include effectiveness. Teaching the men about how to control their sexual response. There is no medical condition that prohibits use of method. If the male is unable to have self control method is contradicted. It is also not†¦show more content†¦Menopause does occur around late 40s or early 50s, but there is still a chance on getting pregnant. This method would not be recommended women that age. As a nurse you instruct your client to take their body temp right when they wake up before anything. Thermometer needs to be in place for 5 minutes. Reading needs to be recorded. This is needed for three consecutive. Once that is done it needs to be read and analyzed when are the safe days. Irregular period will prohibit you from using this method. Any STD or abnormal vaginal bleeding will not make this method ideal. Before you rely on this method it is necessary to chart for three months. There is no contraindications besides irregular menstruation, STD, and abnormal vaginal bleeding. This method is used frequently with religions that prohibit the use of chemicals or devices. Some people like to do natural birth control methods. Women in Lima used another method during the fertile days on more occasions than other women; women in Totonicapan and Tuba rarely reported using another method.(sinai, 2006) Cultural practices will also have an impact in the outcome and method. Breastfeeding method is free of cost. In planned parenthood they said tha t only one our one-hundred women will become pregnant when using method correctly. Participant has to be actively breastfeeding. A primary care provider is not needed. It does limit itself for aboutShow MoreRelatedThe Method Of Birth Control Essay946 Words   |  4 Pagesbest method of birth control (or contraception)? Is one better or more preferred than another? Are there any side effects that I should be concerned about? These are just a few of the many questions to ask when discussing various types of birth control methods with your doctor. There are many methods of birth control, beginning with abstinence which means having no sexual contact at all, which is 100% effective. The various methods differ greatly and have various rates of effectiveness. Some methodsRead MoreGlobal Overpopulation And Its Effects On The Population1260 Words   |  6 Pagespregnancy rates. There are multiple ways that a women’s pregnancy rate could be significantly reduced, by the use of bi rth control. In the articles, â€Å"Global Overpopulaton† by Hobart Rowen and â€Å"When Birth Control Isn t for Birth Control by Karen Klein and How to Make Birth Control More Effective. by Danielle Braff, these are great examples of how utilizing birth control will aid in the control of maintaining and reducing the growing population rates. Including the possible results, if a solution is notRead MoreEffects Of Birth Control On Children1719 Words   |  7 PagesAccutane, flu shots, Prozac, and birth control. One of the most common of these drugs is birth control. Birth control is a drug that may be used in various ways. It is mainly taken to prevent pregnancy, make menstrual cycles lighter and more regular, and help prevent or treat certain diseases or conditions. Birth control may also cause women to encounter side effects like nausea, headaches, weight gain or loss, or mood swings. Despite these side effects, birth control is a very effective and beneficialRead MoreThe Fight For Birth Control Essay1963 Words   |  8 Pagescontraceptive options were not available to them. As a general statement, acquiring some sort of contraceptives whether it is the pill, patch, condom, emergency contraception, or another of the many types of birth control is not difficult with the many options available to women today. However, backtrack to the early 1900’s and the story was completely different. In 1916, Margaret Sanger made contraceptive history by opening the first birth control clinic in Brooklyn, New York. The fight for birth controlRead MoreImproving Screening For Hepatitis C1735 Words   |  7 Pagescurrent therapy. Additionally, hepatitis C chronic infection may cause significant morbidity (liver cirrhosis) and increase health care costs when patients develop the complications from cirrhosis. With changes in HCV therapy and new treatment options, managing HCV infected patients is becoming increasingly complex. These activities will require additional time, staff resources and opportunities during initial screenings to educate patients once they start therapy. Considering these factors, thereRead MoreThe History of Birth Control and Society Essay1997 Words   |  8 PagesThe History of Birth Control and Society People have been desperate to control how many children they have and abstinence is not really an option adults want to choose. Some ancient forms of birth control include: animal skins and intestines for condoms, lemons as barriers to protect from pregnancy, poisonous cocktails to cause abortion, and animal dung cocktails as spermicides. When those measures failed, women turned to abortions. (Rengal intro ix) Humankind has been trying to have sex withoutRead MoreThe Affordable Care Act ( Aca )1674 Words   |  7 Pagesprocedures, and patient counseling and education must be covered for all women with reproductive capability without having to pay a co-insurance, co-payment or a deductible. The covered forms of contraceptives include, but not limited to, hormonal oral birth control pills and emergency after intercourse pills as well as intrauterine devices (IUDs).3 However, some religious organizations were exempted from providing coverage of contraception as it violates their religious beliefs. Effective August 1, 2013Read MoreThe And Drug Administration ( Fda )1560 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"class II devices represent a medium risk category for which FDA establishes that additional special controls are needed to ensure safety and efficacy. Examples of class II devices would include sutures and bone drills† (Littlefield). Cranial Helmets are designed and/or fitted by an Orthotist (an allied health practitioner). In the majority of cases, cranial helmets are constructed out of various plastic polymers with a multitude of decorative patterns and colors. The first step of helmet moldingRead MoreMelasma Essay example899 Words   |  4 PagesMelasma is a skin disorder that appears as irregular brown skin patches on the cheeks, nose, forehead and upper lip. Melasma is not dangerous, but can impair your appearance, personality and self confidence. Various options of treatment are available and dermatologists found the melasma laser treatment to be effective of all. Causes of melasma: Melasma is caused due to an over production of melanin. Melanin is the substance that imparts color to the skin. The exact cause for this type of hyperpigmentationRead MoreProfessional Development Assignment : Module 31103 Words   |  5 Pagesdiscipline. I will be using primary prevention in plan creation for prevention of bullying in the youth population in the Tijeras, NM school district. The activities and objectives will be discussed and a plan to evaluate this projects and its effectiveness will be explored. I will explain the steps I would take to evaluate how well a health agency is meeting the needs of the population it serves. The summary of my findings will be presented in a summary report format. A case study in chapter 15 regarding

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The One Thing to Do for Diversity Statement Essay Samples Psycholgoy Graduate Application

The One Thing to Do for Diversity Statement Essay Samples Psycholgoy Graduate Application An excellent engineering admissions consultant is able to help you tell your story effectively and meet the term limit requirements. All you should appreciate our qualified personal statement help is to earn an order on our site. These ideas will help provide the institution with the essential info to. Of course you want to have an application essay to shine and, as a consequence, take your application to a different level. Typically these requirements are work experience based allowing those applicants which have been within employment and might not have the capability to free up time to finish the GRE to still apply. As soon as your order is completed, you will get an email notification. Therefore, if you're applying to multiple universities, you want to take into account all these factors, and customize your statement accordingly. Here's What I Know About Diversity Statement Essay Samples Psycholgoy Graduate Application Along with the dissertation, there's coursework in a doctorate application that will teach the concentration specifically. In the majority of cases, the personal statement can function as the defining factor that enables students to stick out in a pool of applicants with equally large GPAs and test scores. Highlight your accomplishments but don't sound arr ogant. All our team members are qualified to present academic aid to applicants. As you don't need the very best candidate for your project, you wish to discover the perfect candidate. Don't just write something because it's only you think it will impress the admission committee. If you would like to get the admissions committee to remember your essay at the close of the day. The writing of a disclaimer can be a tough job for a person who has never written one before, therefore I will supply you with a concise guide that you could use and follow. Before beginning, remember an excellent understanding of suitable spelling, punctuation and grammar may be real boost to both your business writing and the true success of your business enterprise. First things first, You will want to choose what sort of information to put in your disclaimer. Finding out how to compose a disclaimer is something which many folks need to learn. Diversity Statement Essay Samples Psycholgoy Graduate Applicati on and Diversity Statement Essay Samples Psycholgoy Graduate Application - The Perfect Combination If you opt to disclose your identity in a diversity statement, you should know about some difficulties. Providing personal stories of the way the instructor was affected by the absence of diversity in their area. Every one of the employees are liable for payment of insurance premiums. Every one of the employees are liable for payment of insurance. The most crucial step in your entire PhD application is planning. You can and ought to take time to deal with the larger picture. A grad school interview thank you letter is an excellent means to convey your appreciation for an individual's willingness to devote time letting you accomplish a personal or professional objective. It is possible to keep an eye on your order's progress via live chat just to make sure you get the greatest outcomes. It's significant to talk about your weaknesses also. Cross-sectional strategy is the alte rnate method to longitudinal method. Actually, what you would like is to produce an application that gives them no other option except to accept you. Accentuate any character traits which you feel you've built via the adversity and use examples of skills that you currently possess due to these trials. Remember your statement is going to be reviewed as a member of your general application. A disclaimer is basically only a declaration, and that means you might just need to declare some or all the next. For instance, you might also should compose a personal statement. A legal statement is something which you may have to speak to a lawyer about. Diversity Statement Essay Samples Psycholgoy Graduate Application Help! As one may note, a very good essay can let you accomplish your dreams, and the lousy paper can force you to fail. Personal statements can vary from a few paragraphs to many one-page essays that address various topics. When you know the key topics that you need to r eveal in your paper, you should discover how to organize it. It's highly possible that you're going to be asked to compose an expert statement or essay along with. If any sentence in your essay might have been written by somebody else the phrase ought to be omitted. It must include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Editing your essay is among these.

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Eras of Policing Free Essays

There are three specific periods of policing that the 19th and 20th centuries embraced: political era, reform era, and community era. During the political era (1840s-1930s) the functions of law enforcement were controlled by the local politicians. This era was characterized by five points–authority was coming only from politicians and the law, it was a very broad social service function, the organizational design was decentralized, law enforcement had a very intimate relationship with the community, and there was an increased usage of foot patrol. We will write a custom essay sample on Eras of Policing or any similar topic only for you Order Now Authority from politicians posed a problem during this time. Since most of the power was given to politicians the selection of good law enforcement was not a priority. During this era law enforcement wore no type of uniform which made it difficult for citizens to recognize an officer when one was needed. The reform era (1930s-1980s) was the second era in law enforcement. The characteristics of this era recognized the authority coming from the law and professionalism.Crime control became the primary function which made for a more centralized, efficient organization. It also provided the community with a more professional agency that used preventive patrol measures and a more rapid response to crime. During this time a managed hierarchical pyramid of control was established for police officers. When specific problems rose law enforcement created special units to take care of these issues instead of using patrol officers. The third era of law enforcement is the community era (1980s-present). This era is characterized by the authority coming from the support of the community, law, and professionalism. A broad range of services provided a better hold on crime control in the community. Having a decentralized organization gave more authority to patrol officers and let them become more intimate with their community relationships. This era also increased the use of foot patrols and an increased knowledge of problem-solving. Law enforcement became more concerned over citizen satisfaction. How to cite Eras of Policing, Papers

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My American Dream free essay sample

The clerk of the neighborhood grocery store stood in disbelief as I unloaded Cheerios, milk, and Twizzlers from my cart. â€Å"Where is your mother? Is she paying?† he asked, stooping to my level. â€Å"Nope, I am,† I replied nonchalantly, revealing two missing front teeth as I handed him the money on my tiptoes. I was seven. Childhood – this one word causes our minds to flood with nostalgia –?birthday parties, playing in the sprinkler, and falling asleep to our father reading us a story. My childhood was no American dream, but the sacrifices I made for my mother shaped me into a strong, independent woman. When I hear the term â€Å"childhood,† I remember the days I ventured alone to the grocery store as my mother sat in a pool of papers, my little sister on her lap and a textbook in her hand. The days I held the chair for my older sister as she blended fruit for my little sister. We will write a custom essay sample on My American Dream or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The times Id comfort my little sister when Mommy wasnt home. And of course, the day my mothers radiant smile lit up the auditorium as she accepted her diploma at age 42. Above my bed, a poster hangs bearing the quote, â€Å"Dont give up on your dreams or your dreams will give up on you.† I can remember my fathers infuriated response when he heard the startling news. â€Å"You cant do this now! Whos going to take care of the kids?† he shouted angrily. I was born to immigrant parents who, like many, moved to America in hopes of new opportunities. Unfortunately, my mothers dream of a job in the medical field was put on hold when she had my older sister. However, she was determined to fulfill her goals. I was seven when my mother enrolled at Lehman College. â€Å"I really dont know what Im going to do in college without my mother,† my best friend said, as she watched me make my famous Oreo Chocolate Chip Brownies. â€Å"She does everything – packing my bags, my laundry, even treating my mosquito bites.† While most of my friends still depend on their parents, I learned early on to care for myself in order to lessen their burden. When Im not at school, I work part-time at a French pastry shop, cook dinner for my sisters, and even make phone calls regarding our bills. All alone, I courageously watched myself get stitched up in a third-world emergency room, and traveled thousands of miles home by myself after a trip to Morocco. I can proudly say that these experiences have prepared me for my future as an independent person. Now I am 17 years old, and my mother works at the NYU Langone Medical Center. She taught me to never put my life on hold for anything. My upbringing is a story that is essential to who I am today. Like my mother, I have a dream to go to college.